Future of Outside Broadcasting (OB) Vans?


An interesting whitepaper by Adam Cox (http://www.futuresource-consulting.com/research-professional-broadcast.html) explores the potential of IP within live broadcast production, examining the enablers, the barriers and the complexities of adoption.

He provides a compelling case for why IP Production & Broadcast will gradually phase out Outside Broadcasting Vans.




The recent emergence of 4K camera and television technology is perhaps the precipitating factor that is rendering Traditional Production unsustainable and pushing transition to IP.

The transition to IP and adoption of 4K is still in very nascent stage

IP Production with its cost advantage and scalability with distributed workflows brings promise of high quality event/sports production and broadcasting to the realm of amateur, small and medium enterprises, local community and colleges and high schools markets (collectively referred to as SME markets)

The primary need for this market is connecting with their relatively small but generally geographically diverse audience. The SME market is large (several orders of magnitude larger than professional events/sports market), but is price sensitive and lacks the production talent for a DIY solution.

Therein lies the opportunity for a low cost, scalable and managed production. Strive Network is leading this wave front.


March 14, 2016 | StriveCast.tv |  By Manoj Aggarwal